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Our rejuvenate studio is a light and open space designed to bring balance to your day. We run a mix of traditional yoga classes as well as our Functional Flow classes which are specifically designed for those members who spend more time in Stronger or Athletic and want to improve mobility and flexibility. Here you can find our signature zenoSCULPT class which is inspired by Barre to give you a slightly deeper burn.


Why Participate? 

We can’t just go hard all the time, we need time to recover and replenish our body. If you're taking part in other disciplines, you’ll need to rejuvenate to keep your body functioning at it’s best. Or, if you’re just starting out or coming back from injury then this programme can help you get back into more intense training. Improve your muscular and connective tissue function whilst developing a strong core.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa flow is a free flowing practice that uses the breath to connect a variety of poses with fluid movement. Every Vinyasa class offers different flows and poses so no two classes are ever the same. Vinyasa is open to anyone and everyone and modifications will be offered so create the perfect class for everyone’s ability. For a more intense practise try our power vinyasa.

Great for feeling energised, uplifted and balanced

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Our signature zenoSculpt class is the perfect solution if you’re looking to tone, strengthen and lengthen your whole body. Using the beat of the music, small movements and isolations, expect to target the thighs, glutes and core as you work on defining and shaping your muscles in this low impact, high intensity workout.

Great for feeling strong, resilient and energised

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Designed specifically to compliment our Stronger, Athletic and Cardio classes, our signature zenoRestore focuses on improving joint mobility to help reduce risk of injury, release tension in the main muscle groups and benefit overall performance. The class incorporates some yoga poses but puts the focus on alignment and functional movement, making the class accessible to all experience levels and beneficial for everybody.

Great for feeling rebalanced, replenished and restored

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Discover the exhilarating world of balance and strength in our Handstand Class!  Elevate your fitness journey with this invigorating session that will turn your world upside down - literally! Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to perfect your form, our expert instructors will guide you through the art of handstands step by step.

Develop core stability, build upper body strength, and boost your confidence as you learn the secrets to defying gravity.

The class will leave you feeling on top of the world!

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Unlock Your Full Potential with Our Mobility Class!

Are you ready to move freely, feel agile, and enhance your overall well-being? Join our invigorating Mobility Class and experience a transformative journey towards improved flexibility, strength, and posture.

In our fun and dynamic sessions, you'll learn a variety of mobility-enhancing techniques, from gentle stretching to active range of motion exercises. Our expert instructors will guide you through movements designed to increase joint mobility, reduce stiffness, and relieve tension in your muscle. Unleash your body's full potential!

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