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Our Cardio studio holds 30 stages bikes and is the home to our signature Rhythm Ride class; an exhilarating indoor cycling experience driven by the beat of the music using speed, resistance, choreography and hand weights to create a full body workout.


Why Participate? 

Aerobic training is essential for increasing your endurance. Combining cardio training with our other training disciplines is the best way to get an all round total fitness result. 


Find your rhythm with our energising indoor cycling class inspired by heart pumping music that moves and motivates you. zenoRhythm is our signature cycle class that not only pushes speed and resistance but also uses hand weights and choreography to deliver a great workout for your entire body.

Not your average spin class, these sessions are guaranteed to give you the ultimate workout experience and have you riding that endorphin high long after the class has finished. 

Great for feeling energised, uplifted and empowered.

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