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ATHLETIC is your chance to release your inner athlete. Here you’ll find both our zenoBOX and zenoHIIT classes, so whether you’re punching the bag or hitting our turf for a session of weights, slam balls, battle ropes and more, you’ll be guaranteed a good sweat.

This combination of boxing and high intensity training will give you a workout like nothing you’ve experienced before. This programme will keep you on your toes and get you fired up to take on the world. 

Why Participate? 

Developing speed, agility, coordination and cardiovascular fitness will help you perform at your best everyday.


This class is the perfect hybrid of cardio and strength as you switch between rounds of boxing combos on the bag and endurance training on the floor. zenoBox is a fast paced class perfect for improving your cardiovascular fitness and feeling invincible.

Great for feeling confident, powerful and de-stressed

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In this dynamic class, you'll rotate through a series of intense exercises, combining strength training, cardio bursts, and core challenges to maximize your results. With our expert instructors guiding you through the circuit, you'll push your limits, boost your metabolism, and sculpt your body from head to toe. Whether you're a fitness fanatic or a newbie, this electrifying class is designed for all levels, so come rev up your energy and circuit your way to a fitter, stronger you! 

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