Hero Training Clubs – An Inside Look Into Our Four Unique Studios

Overview of Hero Training

Hero Training Clubs – An Inside Look Into Our Four Unique Studios


Unlike any other gym in Manchester, we provide a range of holistic services that aim to improve both the health and happiness of our members. As part of our offering we split our fitness classes into four key studios: Athletic, Cardio, Rejuvenate, and Stronger. Read on to find out more about each space!




Are you ready to unleash your inner Jessica Ennis? With the three specialised classes in our Athletic studio, we’ll have you raring to go. Our HeroBox class is the perfect mix of cardio and strength, as you move between boxing routines and strength training, it’s an energetic class that’s great for your cardiovascular fitness. Our HeroHIIT classes, not for the faint of heart, are slightly more fast paced, built around innovative circuits that will improve your speed and power, and target all major muscle groups with a variety of movements and minimal rest time. Finally, our HeroPace classes target endurance and stamina, and are specifically designed to test your limits. You can expect high energy, a high pace, and a hefty rush of endorphins.


All in all, our Athletic studio has been structured in order to maximise performance. Whether you’d rather be punching the bag in our HeroBox classes, improving your stamina with HeroPace, or challenging yourself with HeroHIIT, we can guarantee you’ll be working up a sweat and having a fabulous time.




The Cardio studio is home to our signature HeroRhythm class, which combines speed, weights, resistance, and choreography to provide the ultimate full body workout. A heart-pumping, energetic class that will motivate you to move faster, we can promise you that HeroRhythm will leave you feeling thoroughly worked out, and full of exercise induced endorphins.


Not convinced quite yet? Have a look at some of the offers we have running on class prices and memberships.





Our Rejuvenate studio offers a wide variety of class options. We have a mix of traditional yoga classes, as well as a selection of classes that are specially targeted at members who spend a lot of time in our Strength or Athletic studio, who also want to improve their mobility or flexibility. Have you been deliberating over the benefits of Power Yoga versus Vinyasa? Try both! Each class has its own specific goal, focus, and methodology, as well as regular modifications of poses and routines. Truly, no two classes are the same.


Vinyasa Flow is a free flowing, dynamic practice that uses breathing to connect a variety of poses, offering you constant gentle movement. Our HeroSculpt is perfect for those who want to strengthen and tone the body, with a focus on the arms, shoulders, core and glutes. Similarly, HeroStretch&Restore has been specifically designed to compliment our Stronger, Athletic and Cardio classes. It focuses on improving joint mobility, releasing tension in the main muscle groups and improving overall performance. For more information on each of our classes, head to the website. There really is a class perfect for anyone and everyone!




The Stronger studio is designed specifically to cater for strength and conditioning training. Individuals who are looking to build muscle and increase strength will find a number of carefully designed programmes tailored to their goals.


Our HeroMax class is all about heavier weights and lower reps. We want to focus on increasing your strength, and perfecting your technique. Because the class sizes are slightly smaller, you can think of this as more of a group personal training session, so while you can’t expect quite as much of a party as maybe at our Rhythm ride sessions, you can be sure you’ll be getting close attention to your fitness levels every single time. As well as smaller class sizes, the sessions are also broken down into lower, upper, and full body focus so that members can achieve better results. Our conditioning classes combine all the great lifts and coaching you receive in HeroMax, but with an emphasis on endurance, so that you can build strength, work on your technique, and feel confident in your abilities.


In summary…


Whatever your preferred method of training, we’re willing to bet that Hero Training Clubs in  Manchester will have something that suits you. Across all of our classes, you can expect enthusiastic, friendly coaches who are happy to provide you with all the motivation and encouragement you need. And Hero isn’t just about a great workout, don’t forget you could hang around after a session, maybe grab a smoothie with some newfound friends. You could also book a physiotherapy session, or if you’re feeling a little lost, you could book some time with a personal trainer to hone your workouts. You could even take advantage of our wellness hub, and use the counselling services that we offer!


Still not sure? Have a closer look at our website here, or get in touch today.